Educating Ladies of Slums about Health & Hygine : Anika Walia

Sundarnagari, India: – 5th December-2018:
My activity was in collaboration with Idea Foundation. It involved me teaching 25-30 beneficiary women from their skill development courses. These women were from rural areas. It involved me teaching them about menstruation, basic body hygiene, oral hygiene, diet & nutrition, tooth decay, maintenance of teeth and how to look after your health. I had a valuable experience with them, learning about their rural lifestyle and their struggles for basic necessities.

It was heartbreaking to learn that basic health necessities that we take so easily for granted was something that they had to struggle extremely hard for.  I demonstrated to them, how to use sanitary pads, ( as most of them used “kapda” (cloth) to stop the bleeding), I educated them about infections and diseases that could develop with the lack of sanitary pads. It was surprising to know that they were passing on this same information to their daughters and were not providing them with sanitary pads as they found them costly and were ashamed to be seen buying them and holding them in public.

Therefore I distributed sanitary pads, hygiene kits (soaps, hand sanitizers- I demonstrated to them how to use the soap to correctly wash their hands) and dental kits ( dental floss, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste).

Supporting Partners- Idea Foundation NGO

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