Food Donation Drive under Anika Food Charity (AFC).


Date: January 2019

Supporting partners- Anika Food Charity

As you all know, I have set up my own charity called “Anika Food Charity”. This was an initiative that I started, after working closely with a lot of charities and realizing that there were still a lot of people who needed help and were facing many hardships. Anika Food Charity deals with several causes. We act as a food bank for homeless individuals and families.  We distribute food to the homeless people, we provide the necessary support & counselling to help them, we conduct CV writing classes and cooking classes to teach people to become independent and to be able to provide for themselves. We distribute toiletries, sanitary kits, quilts, coats, blankets, sleeping bags and dental kits to those who need it. At AFC, we strongly support people especially women who have suffered from domestic violence, young people with learning disabilities & mental illness.

Today, I distributed food and other necessities to homeless families especially single young mothers who had just recently given birth. These women work very hard to provide for their children and some of them have to stay back at home to look after their children, unfortunately with no family support & guidance. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to work a full-time job. It can be burdensome when it comes to paying expenses. It’s sad to see that working mothers need food banks. I distributed food, baby food, baby wipes and nappies to the young mothers. I had a great time interreacting with the new-born babies and speaking to the mothers. It was disheartening to know how much they struggle in their day to day lives.  I admire both their resilience and their courage and hope that Anika Food Charity was of some assistance to them.



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