Organised: Dental Camps & Free Dental Checkups to people in Low Socio-Economic Areas

Dentistry and I were introduced a long time back. It has been a loyal friend. As a child I have always been very curious, always running around and asking questions as to why. Being in a family of academia, dentistry has been has been a lifelong passion of mine. I would remember the one gift I would be asking from anyone constantly, be it my birthday or on Christmas, would be books. I love reading. Especially as child, encyclopaedias! We have always had a library in our house. In fact, even till to date, I have my own private library in my room.

I have always wanted to serve and help others. As a child I was always volunteering and helping out whenever I could. I feel this premature understanding of how people were suffering,  is what motivated me to choose a career in dentistry. Studying dentistry has not been easy. It has involved a lot of hard work. I remember studying till 1’ 0 clock in the morning and waking up at 5am to study. The hard work paid off and I have cleared all of my exams. I am now a dental intern that shall be graduating this year.

Through my dental education & extended charity work I hope to help as many people as I can. I have met so many individuals; abused wives, beaten girlfriends, people suffering from trauma, people with severe and lifelong injuries and people from the military. All these people had a thing in common. They had a problem with their dentition. Be it trauma to their teeth or an injury to their jaw. Knowing that I can give somebody a gift of a smile through my dental skills, is the best feeling in the world.

I have organized dental camps and given free dental checkups to people in low socio- economic areas. I hope to one day set up free dental hospitals and dental vans in different rural areas in the world to provide people with the necessary treatment and resources that they need. Especially, young children who are often stigmatized as “unlucky” due to their dental problems such as cleft lip. Circumstances such as these, has only fuelled my passion and made me more determined to make health accessible to all. After my dental studies are completed this year I plan to pursue my higher education to become an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon.

My personal motto is the right to health should be universally accessible to all.

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