Anchoring: Kitty for Social Cause | Arth Event


On Wednesday 19th December 2018 I hosted a kitty event, just for women. My aim was to raise money for an NGO. I had been planning for this event for a long time so I was very excited to finally see it, come on floors.

I am happy to report that I raised enough money for my cause. The event was held at the Arth restaurant and lounge for over sixty women. The event consisted of a fashion show, dance performances, food and dance. I was the anchor for the evening. I had a remarkable time.

The money raised will be going towards educating underprivileged children, paying for dental and medical checkups (including transport fees as the medical and dental facilities are quite far and inaccessible to the people in the low socio- economic areas). Visiting these areas and seeing the children, especially young girls living in such difficult circumstances where some of them do not even own pieces of clothing was very upsetting for me to see. So I’m proud that a small effort on my behalf will make a difference.

I strongly believe that the education is the way forward. My mother firmly believes that knowledge is power and I could not agree more. More women need to be educated and encouraged to fulfil their dreams.

Being in the medical profession I thoroughly advocate for everybody having the right to basic health. It was gratifying to being able to help these children and to raise awareness for the NGO and the issues children were suffering from. Overall, it was a very humbling experience. And I would love to do more events like these in the future.

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