Modelling Assignment- “The money I earned from this shoot, I donated to Anika Food Charity”

In early November, I did a modelling assignment. It was over a ten hour shoot (both indoor and outdoor). I had a wonderful time with the team. The team and I were advertising a property complex, Atria Grande. It was lovely being on sets. It was amazing to be part of such a great team including makeup artists, hair stylists and our photographer Mr Harry Khokhar. Being in front of the camera is never easy, nor being behind it.

People think modelling is about women objectifying themselves. I beg to differ. This shoot was about me learning to be comfortable with my body and being in front of the camera. More women need to be encouraged to accept themselves, just the way they are. What many people do not realize is that for one simple picture you see in any magazine, hours are spent to take that one photo and there is a whole professional team with you.

The money I earned from this shoot, I donated to my own charity, Anika Food Charity. A charity that I started and supported on my own.

I shall hope to do more modelling assignments in the future to raise money for the causes I believe in.  I would also like to use my platform of modelling to show other women especially young girls, that the unattainable standards society makes us live up to, be it in magazines or banners are all edited. The important message to take away from here is that beauty and confidence do not need to be filtered or edited.

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