The Tiara Queen Contest “I was Placed 3rd Runner-up in this Contest”


For me, pageantry is not about beauty but about empowering woman and bringing them to together despite their diversities.  Hence, I joined The Tiara Pageant training studio for one week (October 11th-17th). Our training included learning to walk the ramp, basic makeup classes and question and answer round.

I am happy to say in this one week I met many beautiful souls. I learnt about their journeys, their difficult circumstances and their unique struggles that they have had to each overcome. I have made some best friends for life.  Despite being so different, we all bonded so well together and truly became sisters. I think that this is an important message for people to remember, that pageantry may build many things but most of all it builds a sisterhood

On the final day, The Tiara Queen Contest was held where one girl from a group of approximately fifteen girls is crowned as the Tiara queen. During the contest there are a total of four preliminary rounds. The girls are judged for the ramp walk during two preliminary rounds (one in your cocktail dress and the other in your final gown). There are two final questions and answers rounds. I’m proud to say that I placed 3rd runner up in this contest. I am so proud of myself and the other girls. We all worked hard together as a team.

Being a complete novice in the world of pageantry and this being my first ever contest to take part in, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I learned more about pageantry & myself during the process.  Most of all my experience during this time made me more determined to follow my heart and to utilize my voice to advocate for the issues and changes that I truly believe in.

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